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Reinvent your Body, Mind and Spirit with Body by Sora!
Add quality to your today and years to your tomorrow!
Now serving Berlin, Germany!

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Reinvent your Body, Mind and Spirit with Body by Sora, precision toning and sculpting and eating healthy everyday.

Lengthen, Strengthen and Tone your Body with just what you have been naturally gifted: your own Body!

You will learn how you can utilize your body as a whole, as your body is the finest, and only, tool necessary for achieving total physical fitness and well-being.

Sora specializes in Body Transformation exercises based on the principles of Pilates Mat work and Barre Fitness, a fusion of dance conditioning, callanetics, strength training, pilates and yoga stretches.

A series of low impact, high intensity, total body exercises targeting all major muscle groups, improving posture and increasing physical grace.
Throughout the session your muscles are pushed to exhaustion and then stretched to lengthen and strengthen.

Target abdominals, lean your thighs and lift your rear with a few as three sessions per week! 
Come and join me to sculpt and tone every inch of your entire body...

I offer step-by-step guidance to better health through my method, and total well-being by coaching you to nurture yourself with healthy, essential and nutritious foods. Sora teaches you how to do this by learning to balance your lifestyle, assess your goals and body and maintaining your achievements!


Eine einzigartige Trainingsmethode, konzipiert aus Pilates beeinflusst durch Yoga, Tanz, Callanetics und Krafttraining, regt den Stoffwechsel an, stärkt den Muskelaufbau, strafft, streckt und festigt von Kopf bis Fuß! Kein Muskel kommt zu kurz, keine Problemzone wird vernachlässigt  - jeder Körper bekommt das individuelle Programm, das zu ihm passt! 

Sora's Training bietet  anspruchsvolle, intensive und individuelle zugeschnittene Ganzkörper- Workouts! Vom Hausbesuch zum Hotelbesuch, Einzel-und Gruppentraining, "After-Baby" und Präventionskurs-alles ist möglich!

Sora lebte die letzten 10 Jahre in Colorado, USA wo Sie Ihre Pilatesausbildung mit BASI absolvierte, Ihre Barre Instructor Ausbildung und Ihr Lifestyle und Weight Management Zertifikat erworb. Mit diesen Grundlagen stellte Sie Ihre Trainingsmethode zusammen und praktizierte und unterrichtete in den USA und gründete Ihr eigenes Unternehmen Body by Sora.
Personal Training, Gruppenunterricht, Boot-Camps, Pre und Post Natales Training und diverse Make-Over Programme gehören zu Ihren Spezialitäten.
Jetzt ist Sie wieder nach Berlin zurückgekehrt, um auch mit den Berliner Ihre Leidenschaft für Ihre Trainingsmethode zu teilen.

Simplify your Life with Body by Sora!

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If you are looking to improve your over all fitness Sora is the best person to help you. She is great at helping you evaluate your body at the beginning and end of each session, and the results and difference in how you feel at the end are undeniable. She is great at helping you stretch, strengthen, and improve any area of soreness, weakness, or that annoying “problem area”. She helps push you with out pushing you outside of your comfort zone. After a few sessions the improvements in your body and the ability to achieve more advanced positions are inevitable. After leaving a session I always felt less stress, more energized, and an overall balance.On top of the wonderful Pilates sessions she offers, Sora is great for any advise when it comes to healthy eating. From simple healthy substitutions to amazing seasoning recommendations, she gives great advise to help you continue to achieve your fitness goals on your own. 

I just finished another incredible session with Sora. In all of my years in taking Pilates this is by far the BEST workout for efficiency of movement and truly targeting those muscles groups. Just love it!!
Thanks Sora!

Deciding to work with Sora is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She is so patient and she works with me to do poses correctly each time so that I get the most out of every workout. With each session I feel stronger and I am and I am seeing my body change! I feel in so many ways she is helping me become, physically, the person I have always wanted to be. I am more aware of my posture, I feel SO much more graceful, and I am gaining confidence every week. I have started running again after taking a break for about 2 years and I am so amazed at my core strength, even on my first run! I appreciate the way Sora challenges me every session. I have felt and seen so much change in myself that I look forward to every workout with her!

Sora has a wonderful teaching style with a challenging workout that will make you feel great! Check her out!

If you haven't ever tried Pilates before, I highly recommend it! It is right up there at the top of my list with Kettlebells, however, they are two very different types of exercise. While both address core strength, they go about it in very different manners. Even after doing kettlebells for over a year, there were parts of my core that were still weak. Through Sora's instruction in the SLOW, controlled movement of muscles, I was able to develop strength and tone in my core area that I have not had since before babies! I may even be stronger in this area than I was before children! I met Sora Gagne when she was teaching Pilates at the Rec Center downtown, and I loved the variety of techniques that she taught, along with her cool European lounge music mixes that she played during class! Sora's dance training is incorporated into her HIT (High Intensity Training) classes where she uses the barre to literally fatigue muscles to the point of exhaustion and uncontrollable burn and quivering.... then she stretches those muscles to elongate them. Exhaust, then elongate..... this creates a long, sleek, and toned physique including legs, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Sora is knowledgeable, well-spoken, and practices what she teaches-- look at her website and Facebook page for evidence! She is now teaching at The Sanctuary downtown. You can drop by and observe her in action. For an added bonus, Sora is a personal chef who will work with you to re-vamp your favorite foods into something that is both delicious and healthy... I wonder if she has an idea for mac and cheese? Love that comfort food!

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